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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
novinki :P
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Heechul simulates watching adult film

Heechul’s themed photos for his radio show, Young Street have always make headlines and it’s no exception this time with IU and Defconn as his fellow photo mates.

The theme for this photo was – Heechul watching an adult film on his iPhone, leaving IU and Defconn in shock. Heechul is showed with a dazed look watching the film with Defconn screaming in shock while IU covers her face with her hands. But this ain’t real of course, just a concept for the day.

Netizens commented, “I thought he was really looking at one,” “How old is he already?” “IU is so cute with her expression,” etc.


OOO ne tui kato go pro4etoh se pretrepah ot smqh xD
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Super Junior claims Mutizen triple crown on Inkigayo 2010 World Cup Special

Having been off air for the past fortnight due to the Dream Concert 2010 and World Cup 2010 documentary broadcasts, SBS’s No.1 music program Inkigayo finally made its return on June 13th with its 576th episode!

And what better than to have a World Cup 2010 special episode, especially in the aftermath of South Korea’s World Cup opener win against Greece last night by 2-0, thanks to goals from defender Lee Jung Soo and captain Park Ji Sung.

With 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung away in the States for the Wonder Girls tour, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Shindong partnered f(x)’s Sulli for today’s episode.
And Super Junior were the big winners this afternoon as they collected their Mutizen triple crown all in one afternoon for their hit song, BONAMANA. Besides winning today, the boys also won the last two Mutizens even though it was not aired.

There was a special stage performance of Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend by f(x)’s Victoria, Krystal and After School’s Jooyeon, Nana and Lizzy.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
2PM members play with the camera

2PM members have recently fallen into the obsession of taking photographs.

On the 15th, Nichkhun revealed pictures of happy times spent in San Francisco through Twitter.

In the pictures, the 2PM members are in various poses such as spreading their legs so wide that it looks like their legs with break or lying down in the ground in a photographer like pose. To these pictures, Nichkhun commented, “What are you guys doing? Wanna become a professional photographer?”

Netizens commented, “I laughed looking at these various poses” and “Their playing selves are really cute,” showing interest towards the boys.

Meanwhile, 2PM have just finished their guest duties for the Wonder Girl’s June concert and are now planning for their first solo concert.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
T.O.P releases MV teaser for Turn It Up!

Not too long ago, Big Bang’s T.O.P released a teaser poster for his solo single Turn It Up. Now the sexy beast teases us further by unveiling a music video teaser!

The full length music video was screened during Big Show 2010 earlier this year in January. For those who could not attend, many fancams began surfacing all over the interwebz and even though it was low quality, fans became hyped up for T.O.P’s solo track.

It’s been a long time coming but the teaser is here and it’s sizzling hot–right in time for summer. The fierce rapper transformed into a luxurious and sexy beast for this song’s black and white concept. Check it out below!

The full length music video is scheduled to be released via music portal sites on the 21st. And although it pains to say it but it has been reported that T.O.P will not be pursuing live promotions. But things could change depending on circumstances.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Jang Geun Suk was mistaken for a woman
June 20, 2010

Because of his pretty face and somewhat long hair, actor Jang Geun Suk was mistaken for a woman.

On KBS Celebrity News, Jang Geun Suk confessed during an interview, “While I’m walking on the streets and turn to look back, I see guys following me and then they suddenly get surprised.”

He continued, “It’s fascinating to hear people compliment me about being pretty. I rarely heard people call me a man, but I’m hearing it more often nowadays. Maybe this is why hairstyles are important.”

If anyone sees this handsome-beauty stroll along the streets, probably a lot of them would stop, turn to give him a second look.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
T.O.P’s Turn It Up unleashed on iTunes for worldwide release!

Big Bang’s resident rapper T.O.P has certainly gotten Korea buzzing with his solo single Turn It Up, and it looks like YG Entertainment is ready to unleash this track into international territory as well. On top of the June 21 release on Korean portal sites, DFSB Kollective just announced that T.O.P’s latest track is now available on iTunes Music Stores around the globe!

“A hypnotic, boombastic hip-hop track, T.O.P’s ‘Turn It Up’ has already fired up K-Pop fans around the world as the 30 second teaser video on YouTube amassed an astonishing 300,000 hits in just 3 days,” the press release praised. With the music video release fresh off the press, it looks like the hype is only mounting as fans rack up views on the Youtube and Twitter users simultaneously tweet their thoughts on the music video.

DFSB Kollective, the Korean creative agency in charge of international digital distribution for Turn It Up, titles itself as “the first official K-Pop aggregator for iTunes worldwide,” creating a digital avenue for Korean artists to get their music onto the international platform. DFSB Kollective has also worked with groups including Epik High, Dok2, Nell, the Brown Eyed Girls, Drunken Tiger, Leessang and more. It’s also confirmed that Mnet Media is the official record label for this upcoming release.

Turn It Up is now available worldwide for purchase on iTunes Music Stores, complete with a bonus digital booklet for your viewing pleasure.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
SS501 holds a surprise concert for 501 fans and sheds tears

On the surprise concert segment called X Concert from tvN’s music show Newton, the superstar boyband SS501 was the second guest in an emotional performance.

501 fans who were gathered at Youngdeungpo Times Qquare had been watching a 20 minute clip of SS501’s various activities which was being featured onto a screen. As soon as the clip ended, the fans were given a surprise gift as SS501 made a sudden appearance from nowhere!

Unaware of SS501 plans of showing up at this event, fans erupted into screams and applause, turning Timesquare into a blazing atmosphere. SS501 performed a total of 8 songs, including one of their debut songs, Everything, as the opener.

During the middle of their performance, SS501 couldn’t control their overwhelming gratitude and each of the members started to cry. They thanked their fans, “There were a lot of difficult moments recently within the group, and despite all of that we are extremely thankful for the fans for showing their unending support. Due to overseas activities, we’re sorry for not spending a lot of time in Korea.”

SS501 expressed, “Through Newton, us and our fans were able to share a heart-warming concert.” It’s touching to see them using this valuable time as a reunion with their Korean fans and we hope for a favourable outcome soon for them! - ideo i sylzlivi snimki :P
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Mnet Media to file lawsuit against Bahnus Vacuum for Lee Hyori

There’s no doubt in the fact that Lee Hyori’s title of a singer has been severely defamed, after admitting the fact that the plagiarism accusations surrounding many of her tracks in album H-Logic are true indeed.

By posting a self-written entry on her website explaining the situation, Lee Hyori has made her personal apologies to the victims of plagiarism, and announced to quit all her activities as a singer for now. Although it seems like a right thing to do, especially after bringing much harm and damage to others, fans and netizens were disappointed nonetheless to hear such news.

However, there is a something we should all understand before starting to point fingers – Lee Hyori, nor any artists signed under Mnet Media is responsible for writing the plagiarized tracks, but a mysterious songwriter well-known as Bahnus Vacuum.

After further investigations, its been revealed that Bahnus Vacuum is actually a group of songwriters consisted of seven domestic & overseas songwriters and composers. The team centers around its leader Lee Jae Young aka Bahnus, who’s received his music degrees at Cologne University of Music in Germany and Guildhall School of Music and Drama in England. Bahnus Vacuum was first introduced to Mnet Media through the company’s employee’s close relations with one of the members of the team.

Now we know more about Bahnus Vacuum, it’s time to hear more about their unfortunate fate. Intentional or not, the group has blatantly stole others’ intellectual property as if they were their own. Not only that, Bahnus Vacuum even made up lies saying how it was those others who stole off of him, with a false story explaining how the tracks were “leaked” while they were in development. Because the group has committed plagiarism and fraud, Mnet Media has announced that they will be filing a lawsuit against Bahnus Vacuum, and will be compensating for the damages to each and every victim of this issue. The company’s in the process of seeking these original songwriters all over the world, including England, Canada, and even Norway.

The fact that Mnet Media is being responsible for Lee Hyori’s issue is very noteworthy, since the company no longer holds Lee Hyori as one of their signed artists. The company explains how it’s morally correct to protect Lee Hyori, since Mnet was held in charge for the production of the album.

There really seems to be no bright side in this issue – the damage is permanent, and the reputation of K-pop has been downgraded even further by foreign audience. Do you think there is really no end to this?
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
другата седмица излиза и клипа на Let Me Be The One...излиза като компенсация,заради това,че DESTINATION беше промотиран едва две седмици..
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Kim Hyun Joong donates 1 million pesos

SS501’s front man Kim Hyun Joong along with BEAST recently visited the Philippines for the K-Pop meets P-Pop concert which is for the benefit of young mothers.

During the trip, Kim Hyun Joong visited the Abierta’s House of Friendship and was awarded a special plaque of appreciation because of his special donation of 1,000,000 Philippine pesos (around $22,000). Here’s the rundown courtesy of My Cozy Li’l Corner and

Other than attending the fan meeting on 18th June and the charity concert on 19th June, there was actually yet another important item on Kim Hyun Joong’s schedule in Manila, Philippines trip from 17th to 20th June, that is to receive the appreciation plaque from Abiertas House of Friendship – the charity organization that is the beneficiary of the concert- and also to visit the children from this organization/school. The organization had prepared it in thanks of his personal contribution of 1,000,000 pesos (approx Chinese yuan 150,000 or USD 22,000).

Kim Hyun Joong has already visited the actual site of Abiertas House of Friendship earlier this year. After seeing the condition of the school and the state that the children were in, he immediately decided to make a personal contribution of 1,000,000 pesos and this amount was transferred sometime in mid May.

The organization had immediately utilized his donation towards building the property for their senior high/college students. In addition, the organization will also name the said property after Kim Hyun Joong.

Further, Kim Hyun Joong had also agreed to participate in the charity concert held on 19th June, in the hope that his influence could raise more awareness and garner more support and help for these less privileged groups in the society, the helpless mothers and children.

As for the actual situation at this school and also of the organization’s deep love and appreciation towards Kim Hyun Joong, and also as to what activities Kim Hyun Joong had carried out in the school on that day of visit, I will be giving detailed description in my trip account later, so everyone, please do watch for it.

Some additional footnotes as follows:

The “Araneta Coliseum” that you see on the plaque is the name of the stadium where the charity concert was held. The original plan was to present this to Kim Hyun Joong at the stadium during the concert. But Kim Hyun Joong had declined the deed; he simply wanted to do something for them and didn’t want anything else. So the organization just presented him with their token of appreciation in the tiny conference room on their premises~~~~~ {p}
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Heechul has the pose of a boss

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has the pose of a boss?

Pictures taken from Kim Heechul’s Young Street of DJ Heechul and the MBLAQ members have been revealed.

In one of the pictures, MBLAQ could be seen gathering around Heechul, who is striking an eloquent pose and giving off a ‘boss feel.’ In the second picture, Heechul and MBLAQ are posing with a ‘Y’ under their faces.

Netizens have humorously commented, “Kim Heechul’s charm is undoubtedly pride” , “Where did Rain/Bi go and why is Heechul boss sitting on the chair.”
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
f(x)’s Krystal wraps herself with a blanket in public?

f(x)’s Amber has uploaded a rather interesting picture of Krystal through her me2day on June 22nd.

She wrote, “Everyone! Who is this person? It’s Soojung (Krystal). Cute right? I did all of this for her”, continuing on, “Everyone, did you watch Melody well? Starting today I’ll update you guys with pictures whenever I go out to visit our maknae while she’s filming.”

Fans who have seen this photo have supportively replied, “Soojung unnie is cute” , “Looks like she’ll never get cold.” xD
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Heechul’s special relationship with Siwon

Super Junior’s quirky member Kim Heechul revealed that his relationship with fellow member Choi Siwon was similar to a relationship between grandmother and grandson.

On the 24th, Heechul posted a magazine photo via twitter of himself and Siwon. He wrote alongside the picture (see above), “Siwon and I are complete opposites.” In the picture, the two are wearing vest jackets and facing opposite directions just like Heechul implied. Although the picture has a dark mood, it also shows their individual colors.

In addition to those words, Heechul also continued, “Maybe it is for that reason that Siwon listens to my words as if they’re like interesting heroic stories. When we go abroad I tend to share rooms with Siwon a lot. During those times, I tell stories to Siwon similar to how a grandmother tells her grandson stories.”

This late night story relationship between Heechul and Siwon was also mentioned on a KBS night variety program where Siwon stated that once he and Heechul spent the entire night talking until 7 in the morning.

Fans who came across Heechul’s Twitter left comments such as “Tell me stories too” and “What kind of things do you tell Siwon?”
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
момчетата си признали .... MBLAQ, “We Forgot Jihoon Hyung’s Birthday!” :D :lol:
Докато давали поредното си интервю, им било зададен въпросът : Какво пожелахте на Рейн за рождения му ден ?
И те изпаднали в паника :D поради многото ангажименти, дечурлигата забравила кой празнува на 25 :lol: Едвам дочакали края на разговора с журналиста и веднага загрели телфона на батко си :D
Ужас ... ако сега забравят ( а са само в началото на славата си ) то не ми се мисли като ( ако ) стигнат нивото на БИ :)
вече знам защо ги стяга толкова много - та те са тотални шматки :lol:
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Kim Hyun Joong confirmed to leave DSP Entertainment

For the past couple of months, there have been rumors circulating that SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong would leave his agency DSP Entertainment once his contract comes to an end.

Well, it’s been confirmed that this one is true after all.

A related source confirmed on the 28th, “Kim Hyun Joong has decided not to renew his contract with DSP Entertainment. … He will move to another agency.” It’s also been reported that Hyun Joong will enter Keyeast (키이스트), an agency known for its prominent actors including Bae Yong Joon, Park Ye Jin, Bong Tae Gyu, Lee Bo Young, Lee Na Young and Hwanhee, so it’s very likely that Hyun Joong’s career will take the acting route.

Due to Kim Hyun Joong’s decision to leave DSPE, there are now questions about the rest of the members of SS501. Many wonder if this will mark the end of SS501, or whether the rest of the members will follow the routes of Shinhwa and g.o.d and complete promotional activities together with Hyun Joong under different agencies.

UPDATE: According to new reports, DSPE hasn’t decided whether SS501 will gain a new member or become a quartet, implying that, although Hyun Joong will be leaving the group, his departure won’t mark the end of SS501. As the rest of the members of SS501 are working on renewing their contracts with DSPE, fans can only hope for the best until an official statement is released.

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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Super Junior is MTV Taiwan’s Artist of the Month

The boys of Super Junior recently made their semi-comeback with the release of their 4th repackaged album while promoting the title track No Other. Ironically, they’ve just accomplished something that no other Korean artist has and that’s winning Artist of the Month award from MTV Taiwan.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
MBLAQ’s Lee Joon becomes an MC for a variety show

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon has been in the spotlight lately, taking part in various variety shows and becoming much more popular. With that, Lee Joon will be partaking in QTV’s Ranking Women as a new MC alongside current MC Lee Hwi Jae (from Quiz to Change the World).

The show welcomes ten single female celebrities every week to take part in the show to do various missions, and get ranked from the skills they show off.

The first recording took place back on June 30th where Lee Joon expressed, “It’s truly an honor to participate in a show with ten beautiful women.” to which he followed-up with an impressive dance.

A new segment was also created on the show entitled Ranking Joon where Lee Joon personally gave challenges to each female, and ranked them one by one afterwards on how they performed.

Also included in the first episode is a special challenge which was to do a sexy dance that appealed to Lee Joon. Hyun Young had Lee Joon sweating like a pig with her suggestive chair dance, and Lee Ji Hyun’s sexy dance, however Jung Joori had Lee Joon running out the back door with her shocking “saliva dance” causing much laughter from the entire studio.

This episode will air on July 8th at 11pm KST.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Kim Hyun Joong being groomed to be Bae Yong Joon’s successor

The plan to groom Kim Hyun Joong as the successor to Bae Yong Joon is just starting to unravel.

A program called Everything about Kim Hyun Joong will be aired through Japanese cable channel, DATV, and becoming his first activity since joining Bae Yong Joon’s agency, Keyeast.

Through this program, Hyun Joong will introduce the whole process from his debut to his SS501 activities and filming for Boys Over Flowers. He also plans to introduce interesting footage from his dorm life, hobbies and his everyday life through this program. Kim Hyun Joong will also become the host and narrator as well.

A Keyeast representative said, “This special program is the first step to grooming Kim Hyun Joong as a Hallyu star. We will spare no expenses in supporting Kim Hyun Joong’s future activities, be it as a singer or an actor.”

The special program will air from July 27th.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Kim Hyun Joong to comeback in a drama?

Putting aside questions regarding Kim Hyun Joong and SS501, there have been a lot of interest about whether or not Kim Hyun Joong would be cast in MBC’s upcoming drama It Started With A Kiss (Playful Kiss).

Kim Hyun Joong made a huge hit during his jump from singing to acting career when he was cast in Boys Over Flowers last year. Like Boys Over Flowers, It Started With A Kiss is also a drama that is produced by production company Group Eight as well as made from a popular Japanese manga, but this time with Itarazura Na Kiss.

Just last month, Park Bo Young was indicated as a likely female lead of this drama from over 100 people who have auditioned for the role.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa was also rumored to be another possibility for the main male role, but due to his busy schedule, it became unlikely.

Production company Group Eight didn’t deny yet confirm about the possibility of Kim Hyun Joong to be cast in the drama as they stated, “Nothing is yet confirmed.”

It Started With A Kiss is scheduled to premiere after the end of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama Road No. 1.
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