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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
novinki :P
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
2PM members play with the camera

2PM members have recently fallen into the obsession of taking photographs.

On the 15th, Nichkhun revealed pictures of happy times spent in San Francisco through Twitter.

In the pictures, the 2PM members are in various poses such as spreading their legs so wide that it looks like their legs with break or lying down in the ground in a photographer like pose. To these pictures, Nichkhun commented, “What are you guys doing? Wanna become a professional photographer?”

Netizens commented, “I laughed looking at these various poses” and “Their playing selves are really cute,” showing interest towards the boys.

Meanwhile, 2PM have just finished their guest duties for the Wonder Girl’s June concert and are now planning for their first solo concert.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Super Junior claims Mutizen triple crown on Inkigayo 2010 World Cup Special

Having been off air for the past fortnight due to the Dream Concert 2010 and World Cup 2010 documentary broadcasts, SBS’s No.1 music program Inkigayo finally made its return on June 13th with its 576th episode!

And what better than to have a World Cup 2010 special episode, especially in the aftermath of South Korea’s World Cup opener win against Greece last night by 2-0, thanks to goals from defender Lee Jung Soo and captain Park Ji Sung.

With 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung away in the States for the Wonder Girls tour, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Shindong partnered f(x)’s Sulli for today’s episode.
And Super Junior were the big winners this afternoon as they collected their Mutizen triple crown all in one afternoon for their hit song, BONAMANA. Besides winning today, the boys also won the last two Mutizens even though it was not aired.

There was a special stage performance of Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend by f(x)’s Victoria, Krystal and After School’s Jooyeon, Nana and Lizzy.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
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преди 12 год. 11 мес.
Heechul simulates watching adult film

Heechul’s themed photos for his radio show, Young Street have always make headlines and it’s no exception this time with IU and Defconn as his fellow photo mates.

The theme for this photo was – Heechul watching an adult film on his iPhone, leaving IU and Defconn in shock. Heechul is showed with a dazed look watching the film with Defconn screaming in shock while IU covers her face with her hands. But this ain’t real of course, just a concept for the day.

Netizens commented, “I thought he was really looking at one,” “How old is he already?” “IU is so cute with her expression,” etc.


OOO ne tui kato go pro4etoh se pretrepah ot smqh xD
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