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Indonesia: Bodies still being recovered from deadly plane crash, no survivors likely

24 30.06.2015 Инфо

At least forty-nine bodies have been recovered, of which at least 23 have been identified, from the plane crash site in Indonesian city of Medan, Tuesday. 113 were on board of the C-130B Hercules military transport plane when it crashed into a residential area in the North Sumatran capital. The plane hit two houses and a car, causing massive damage to the surrounding neighbourhood. Footage shows emergency service crews working at the scene of the crash site. According to the Indonesian air force commander, Agus Supriatna, there were no survivors, who also reported that the aircraft had been inspected recently. This is the second time the city has been affected by an aviation accident in 10 years, after a Boeing 737 crashed in the neighbourhood killing 143 people in 2005, including 30 people who weren't on board the flight.