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Argentina: Massive blackout leaves entire nation without power

4 16.06.2019 Инфо

W/S Restaurant, Buenos Aires
M/S Man drinking coffee in restaurant during blackout
W/S Restaurant
M/S Street signs
M/S Sign
M/S Blocked-off subway
W/S Petrol station
M/S Petrol station
W/S Train station
M/S Train station
M/S Train station
W/S Trains
W/S Trains
M/S Sign
W/S Ambulance on rainy street
W/S Car driving through puddle
A massive blackout left 44 million people in Argentina without power after a fault in the power grid caused all electricity to go down, as seen in footage filmed in Buenos Aires on Sunday.
Footage filmed by Ruptly on Sunday reveals the extent of chaos in Argentina’s capital, with one person eating in a darkened restaurant and subway lines closed. Parts of Paraguay, Chile and Brazil were also hit by power outages.
According to Argentine electric company Edesur, 450,000 clients had power restored just before midday local time, with hospitals taking priority.
Argentinian President Mauricio Macri has promised a thorough investigation into the causes of the blackout.