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Muslim Brotherhood Dream of an Islamist Egypt Fades

17 16.06.2015 Инфо

After becoming Egypt's first freely elected president in 2012, Islamist Mohamed Mursi hoped his Muslim Brotherhood movement could emerge from decades of battle with the Egyptian state and transform the country.
Barely a year into his presidency, Mursi was toppled by the army following mass protests and thrown into jail. The final act in his downfall came on Tuesday when an Egyptian judge sentenced Mursi to death.
Wearing his blue prison suit in a metal court cage, Mursi listened calmly as judge Shaaban el-Shami read out the verdict in the case relating to a 2011 mass jail break. The judge handed Mursi the death sentence along with five other Brotherhood leaders in that case. He also gave the former president a 25-year sentence in a case relating to conspiring with foreign groups.
Mursi appeared unfazed, smiling, and waving to lawyers