Germany: Beloved USSR-era clown Oleg Popov buried in Bavaria

Family, friends and close ones came to a cemetery in Egloffstein, Wednesday, to pay their respects to the beloved Soviet-era clown and cultural icon Oleg Popov after he died at the aged of 86 on November 2 while performing.
The ceremony was held at the site where Popov had been in living for the last 25 years, with fans gathering in the town to honour the Rostov circus legend.
Popov became internationally renowned during the 1950s while touring Asia and North America, as well as gaining notoriety after starring in several films. He was part of the first foreign performance by a Soviet circus tour in Western Europe in 1956, also becoming known for his character 'The Sunshine Clown'. He was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR in 1969.
A favorite of audiences, Popov will be buried dressed in his clown suit, according to his will, in the Bavarian town where he lived with his wife Gabriela.