Germany: Lavrov meets China's Wang Yi to talk Syria and bilateral cooperation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Munich, Thursday, to discuss the Syrian conflict and bilateral cooperation.
During the meeting, China's top diplomat said: "We stand ready to work with Russia and other parties to step up cooperation, to overcome difficulties, to remove deceptions and to push forward the political process in order to resolve the issue of Syria."
In return, Lavrov stated: "We are in a time where international problems are piling up. It is difficult for the Russian Federation to solve them without the People's Republic of China. Thus, unfortunately, we need to be ready to work on holidays and weekends and that is what makes Russian and Chinese diplomacy stand out from others."
"The growing importance of a coordination of our diplomatic activities at various levels is dictated by the fact that Russian-Chinese cooperation has become a considerable factor within the scope of international relations in world politics," Lavrov added.
This meeting took place just hours before both diplomats attended the International Syria Support Group meeting on the Syrian conflict.