Amazon Upgrades Kindle Paperwhite With a Sharper Screen and a New Font

When Amazon released its $199 Kindle Voyage e-reader last year, it set the bar for the high-end of the company's e-ink reading experience.
Now, Amazon is bringing that high-end image quality down to its popular and more affordable $119 Paperwhite reader.
The new Kindle Paperwhite e-readers are available for preorder starting on Wednesday on Amazon. They feature the same 300 ppi screen resolution as the Voyage, which is a significant jump from the original 212 ppi resolution. Amazon claims the resolution update will not be a battery drain. All Kindles, however, will be getting an over-the-air software update; the new Paperwhites will come with it pre-installed. The update brings a new, custom-designed default font called "Bookerly." The company claims that it outperforms other fonts for reading speed and impact on eye strain.