Germany: Right-wing protesters march through Bautzen once again

Tensions were running high in Bautzen on Friday evening, when right-wing protesters and left-wing activists came face to face once again.
The town has seen a string of right-wing demonstrations in recent months. This time around 300 right-wing supporters marched and chanted "We are the people." Around 120 people staged a counter-protest, but were kept away from the right-wing march by the police, to avoid an escalation. However, the atmosphere remained tense and, according to local reports, two journalists have reported right-wing protesters to the police for aggressive behaviour.
Bautzen Mayor Alexander Ahrens has stated that he is tired of the right-wing protesters. However he also complained that it's always the same people who stand up to right-wing extremists, and called for other residents to start fighting back as well. Around three weeks ago, violence erupted between a group of young refugees and right-wing extremists in Bautzen.