Belarus: US is undermining 'strategic stability' - Russian Defence Minister Shoigu

Russian Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday that "the USA and other NATO members are actively building up their offensive potential." Shoigu said this has happened on the western borders of Belarus and has "force[d] Russia to take counter defensive measures." He was speaking during a meeting of the joint collegium of the Russian and Belarusian Defence Ministries in Minsk.
Shoigu said "by opening new bases" the US is attempting "to impose its will on other countries through economic and political dictatorship and military force." He said that an "open information war is ongoing," adding that "these actions undermine strategic stability and force Russia to take counter defensive measures."
The Defence Minister of Belarus, Andrei Ravkov, also confirmed that "the joint strategic drills of Russian and Belarusian armed forces, called West-2017" will be held next autumn. He added that "the drills will be next year's main event within joint training for command and control organisations and troops."
Russia and Belarus remains close allies within the so-called "Union State" which is a series of agreements overseeing a political and economic union between the two countries.