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France: Scuffles break out on 40th weekend of Yellow Vests protests

6 17.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Scuffles breaking out between Yellow Vest protesters and police, Paris
W/S Police forces dragging protester on ground
M/S Protester getting handcuffed by police officer
M/S Police officers and protesters
M/S Protester looking at police officer
W/S Scuffles between police and protesters
W/S Scuffles between police and protesters
M/S Protesters holding banner reading in French: "Yellow Vests - Hong Kong same fight"
M/S Protester banging drum
W/S Protesters marching
M/S Protester with inscription on yellow vest reading in French: "Each Saturday, each week we put happiness back on the agenda"
M/S Police in front of protesters
M/S Protester with painted face
W/S Resident waving yellow vest from window as protesters march
M/S Resident waving yellow vest from window
W/S Protesters marching
M/S Protester carrying banner reading: "Yellow Vests support pro-democracy protest"
W/S Protesters walking with banner reading in French: "It will be alright"
W/S Protesters marching
W/S Protesters marching with banner
M/S Protester with fist in the air
M/S Protester holding banner reading: "Free Hong Kong"
M/S Riot police looking at protesters
M/S Riot police officers looking at protesters
Scuffles broke out between riot police and Yellow Vest protesters who marched through Paris on a 40th consecutive weekend of demonstrations on Saturday. Footage shows protesters trying to reach officers with umbrellas with police hitting them with batons and spraying tear gas in response.
Some activists expressed support for the protests in Hong Kong with banners reading 'Yellow Vests - Hong Kong same fight' and 'Free Hong Kong' also seen at the rally.
It's been estimated that between 200 and 300 protesters took part in the rally. Since the beginning of Yellow Vest protests in November, tens of thousands joined demonstrations across France over a variety of grievances, ranging from taxes on fuel to income inequality.