Croatia: EU Migration Commissioner announces €190 million for Croatia to deal with refugee crisis

Dmitris Avramopoulos, the European Union Migration Commissioner, announced that the EU is to provide Croatia with €70 million ($78.8 million) in funds in order to deal with "migration and security challenges," as well as €120 million ($135.2 million) to upgrade its "infrastructure, in order to comply with the Schengen rules," during a press conference with Interior Minister of Croatia Ranko Ostojic in Zagreb on Tuesday. Avramopoulos added that he has "encouraged the [Croatian] ministers today to speed up the internal procedure to use these sources of funding as much as possible." The influx of refugees and migrants into Croatia has led to a dispute with Serbia. The fall-out between the two countries manifested as Croatia began turning away vehicles and migrants at its borders, saying it could not cope with the numbers. Serbian people and vehicles were also turned back as a consequence, which Croatia blames on a computer glitch. In response, Serbian authorities compared the alleged policy with "Nazi era" discrimination. In turn, Serbian authorities decided to ban imports of Croatian goods. Croatia responded by banning all Serbian-registered vehicles from entering the country.