Obama Launches New Alliance in Response to Racial Inequity

President Barack Obama announced a new-non profit foundation designed to serve as an offshoot of his "My Brother's Keeper" initiative on Monday — a move that signals the type of work the president might become involved in after he leaves the Oval Office.
In a speech that addressed the unrest in Baltimore and the systemic issues faced by low-income communities across the country, the president said the new organization, called My Brother's Keeper Alliance, was designed to "do more than a field report that nobody would read." The alliance, the president said, is designed to enlist the private sector in helping address the academic achievement gap between minorities boys and their peers as well as the school-to prison pipeline in which young black and Latino boys are disproportionately expelled and giver harsher sentences as juveniles.
From the campus of Lehman College, a school with a diverse population in The Bronx, New York, the president said, "There are consequences to inaction ... they sap of us of our strength as a nation. It means we're not as good as we could be."