Spain: FlexEnable flexi watch lets you wrap a screen around your wrist

A flexible and foldable smartwatch prototype made of plastic was presented by British company FlexEnable at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Wednesday.
The smartwatch features an organic liquid crystal display (OLCD) that is covered in plastic instead of glass, making it flexible, impact resistant and shock-proof, according to the company. It has a length of 4.7 inches (11.90 cm) and its display is 125 microns thick. The smartwatch also has resistant fingerprint sensors.
Mike Banach, the technical director of FlexEnable, explained that "this is the first organic display" in the world. He added that thanks to the technology, it will be possible to use flexible smartphones, to the point where the user can fold them in half and put the device in their pocket.
The watch is only a prototype, with the launch of the first commercial devices set for some time in 2017. Price guidelines have not yet been announced.