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Antifa protesters marched on a far-right demonstration in Prague on Saturday, with police being forced to intervene in order to stop the opposing sides from clashing. Holding Czech flags, the latter chanted nationalist slogans as they call for the "protection" of Czech "culture." An estimated 350 bikers from the "Bikers against Islam" collective joined the parade. Those involved were seen handing out petitions calling for a referendum on the Czech Republic’s departure from the EU. The anti-refugee, anti-Islam protesters descended on the capital in order to oppose German-led changes to migration and refugee policy within the European Union. When the leader of the far-right populist Freedom and Direct Democracy party Tomio Okamura delivered a speech, the leftist protesters whistled. Afterwards, Okamura complained that the policies of the EU "dictatorship" are "against the will" of most Czech citiziens.


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