Paraguay: Thousands of youths attend Pope Francis' last Latin American tour appearance

Thousands of youths lined Asuncion's streets, Sunday, following his address to the Paraguayan youth in a bid to say goodbye to the pontiff. This appearance was the final major public engagement of his week-long visit to Latin America, having previously visited Ecuador and Bolivia. Gustavo, a Catholic from Paraguay said that many people "are exited to say goodbye to the Pope today." Francis spoke of the link between liberty and responsibility and placed emphasis on the importance of having a free heart so one can experience them during his address. A volunteer at the event, Luciana, proudly referenced the Bishop of Rome's Saturday speech in Caacupe, where he put strong emphasis on the role of women in Paraguay. "He said that Paraguayan women is [sic] the most powerful in America. So, I don't know, that is amazing, I don't have words to explain that," she said. Paraguay has one of the largest Catholic populations on the continent, so the country saw a huge turnout wherever the Pope went, especially as thousands of Argentinians travelled to the country to see the pontiff.