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In addition, we also share a common view of the world and on international relations, and the way global diplomacy shall be organized. There is no place for double standards in diplomacy when they say one thing and do another. So President Putin's speech at the UN General Assembly was really great. I was not there personally, but I watched it on the UN channel in the hotel. First, it was very reasonable, secondly, very sincere, when the President said about double standards and that a real determination is needed when it comes to combat terrorism in its every manifestations, because there is no good terrorism and bad terrorism. I believe that the position of the Russian Federation and its participation in the fight against terrorism, which captured the middle East - because, as I say, it is unclear who funds it and where does the money come from, especially when we see Toyota vans there and so on - so I think that Putin's decision has made him a leader, playing a key role in the fight against terrorism." Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner admired Russian President Vladimir Putin for his "reasonable" and "sincere" approach to combating terrorism in the Middle East during an interview in Olivos, Wednesday. Kirchner said that Putin's decision to intervene in Syria "has made him a leader". She went on to underline that she and Putin "also share a common view of the world, on international relations and the way global diplomacy shall be organized." Kirchner also revealed that both Argentina and Russia are involved with building a hydroelectric plant in Chihuido, the sixth unit of the nuclear power plant in Atucha and another joint activity that is in development between Gazprom and YPF energy companies.


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