Romania: 'SARMIS-15' joint military drills continue with live fire exercises

The multinational 'SARMIS-15' military drills, involving troops and equipment from Romania, the USA, Canada and the UK, continued at the Cincu military base near Brasov on Tuesday. Almost 450 US, 200 British and 190 Canadian soldiers participated in Tuesday's live fire training exercise which involved 77 military vehicles including Stryker armoured personnel carriers (APCs), five Black Hawk helicopters and various fighter jets. Around 1,500 troops with more than 200 pieces of military equipment are participating in the SARMIS-15 military exercises, which are a part of 'Operation Atlantic Resolve' - a series of military drills the US is holding to show its commitment to NATO allies across eastern Europe. The drills in Romania started on May 15 and are set to end on June 6.