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UK: March condemns Turkey's Syria offensive in 2nd weekend of London protests

0 20.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters marching with banner, London
M/S Flags in protest
M/S Colourful smoke flares at rally
M/S Protesters chanting
M/S Protester chanting
W/S Protesters marching
M/S Protester marching
W/S March
W/S Protesters marching with banner
M/S Colourful smoke flares at rally
W/S Banner at rally
W/S March
M/S Protesters at rally
W/S March
M/S Letter addressed to The Hague court of criminal justice
M/S protesters
M/S Protesters marching with flags
W/S Protesters marching with banner
Thousands of pro-Kurdish protesters hit the streets of London on Sunday following the call to action by the group 'Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign' in the second weekend of demonstrations protesting Turkey's military operation in north-eastern Syria.
Demonstrators can be seen marching and chanting in central London, holding flares, Kurdish flags, and banners, as they made their way from Portland Place to Parliament Square.
Thousands of protesters have come out on the streets in the past week since Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the beginning of a military operation, dubbed 'Operation Peace Spring', on October 9 to create a 'safe zone' cleared of Kurdish groups.