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Inaction on Mideast Peace Risks Setting Conflict 'Ablaze'

42 20.06.2015 Инфо

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius warned Israel and the Palestinians on Saturday that the stalemate in the peace process risked setting the conflict "ablaze" and urged both sides to return to the negotiating table quickly. U.S.-led efforts to broker peace for a two-state solution collapsed in April 2014 and leaders on both sides have since been weakened politically. Fabius told reporters after meeting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. "We have to do the maximum so that the two sides restart negotiations." With the region's crises worsening and Washington reassessing its options on U.S.-Israel relations, France sees a narrow window to resume negotiations. Fabius said, "We think that by doing nothing there will the twin risk of stalemate and setting (the conflict) ablaze." Israeli officials have called the French initiative counterproductive saying that only direct dialogue between the two sides could resolve the conflict.