Judge to Tsarnaev Jury: Don't Go to the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is traditionally an event in which people in and around the Massachusetts capital come together, celebrate and enjoy.
But not in 2013, when three people died and over 200 were injured when a pair of bombs went off within 12 seconds of each other at the finish line. And not this year -- at least not if you're a member of the jury that convicted Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the bombings.
That's what federal Judge George A. O'Toole told jurors Tuesday, stressing the importance of avoiding anything that could be prejudicial in the trial's sentencing phase. That begins April 21, a day after this year's edition of the landmark race.
"Do not attend the Boston Marathon or any events or gatherings related to the anniversary or the current running of the Boston Marathon," O'Toole said in court.