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German engineer Dieter Michael Krone presented his very own rapid fire "paper-plane gun" in Dusseldorf, Sunday, a contraption that can fold paper planes by itself. Before going into the paper-plane gun business, Krone would entertain himself by creating a host of paper-planes for his own entertainment, later building a website dedicated to the art. After people began contacting Krone, asking him to make huge amounts of planes for special events, he decided to create a self-folding paper-plane machine gun. His first model, the "Automatix", was built in 2007 and made entirely with 3D printing technology, costing an estimated € 2,500 ($2,802). After his Youtube video of the Automatix gained 7 million views online, Krone financed another machine that cost around €8,000 ($8,969) to create. The paper folder still prefers to build the paper planes by hand, saying he is a perfectionist and likes the elaborate designs which unfortunately cannot be achieved with his machines. Both an innovator and a traditionalist, Krone will hopefully continue to push the parcel in the avant garde of paper-folding.


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