Brazil: Basketball star Gary Payton meets fans at NBA House

US basketball star and two-time Olympic champion Gary Payton visited fans at the NBA House in Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday. Payton watched youths compete in basketball games and posed for photos with the winning teams.
Payton commented on the US basketball team's performance on the Olympics so far, saying "Everybody's gonna say that they are playing bad right now or they are playing shaky, but that's just the way basketball is." The NBA legend added that it just confirms "that the other teams are getting better, the other countries are getting better," but admitted that "As long as they[US] get a win, I don't care about how they play."
Commenting on the US’ semi-final match against Spain, Payton said that "Spain has a great team". However, the two-time Olympic gold medallist said that US "are a stronger team" and that "if they play together, they are going to win the game." The semi-final between USA and Spain will take place on Friday.