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UK: Homes searched in relation to 39 Chinese found dead in lorry

9 762 25.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Car driving on road, Laurelvale
M/S Laurelvale sign
W/S Cars driving on road
W/S View of houses
W/S Cars driving on road
W/S Street
W/S Car driving on road
M/S Street
W/S Home searched by police
C/U House
M/S House entrance
M/S Fence near house
W/S House from street
Police searched two homes in Laurelvale, County Armagh, Northern Ireland on Thursday in relation to the 39 dead migrants that were discovered a refrigerated trailer in Essex on Wednesday.
Footage shows the home town of current suspect Mo Robinson in Northern Ireland, as well as one of the several addresses searched by police in relation to the ongoing investigation.
Essex police have been continuing to examine the industrial estate where the lorry was parked after the bodies were discovered by paramedics on Wednesday. The Northern Irish man is currently being held on suspicion of murder. It is currently unclear whether he knew about the people when he picked up the lorry in Zeebrugge, Belgium on Tuesday.
The force said the lorry travelled from Bulgaria and entered the UK via Holyhead in north Wales. The trailer and lorry head reportedly entered the UK separately.