UK: What the duck? Quackers Brits create duck lanes on congested canal paths

A stretch of towpath beside the City Road Lock on the Regents Canal in London's Borough of Islington has been given its own duck lane, Wednesday. The move is part of a campaign by the River and Canal Trust, who are trying to highlight the lack of space on Britain's canal towpaths. The narrow towpaths have become congested as cyclists, pedestrians and the canal's wildlife vie for space. The congestion often causes minor accidents and irritation, with particularly thin stretches of becoming hotspots for incidents. The Canal and River Trust is responsible for the maintenance of over 2,000 miles (3,218 kilometres) of British waterways. As well as 'Duck Lanes' in London, the charity has also installed similar paths in Manchester and Birmingham. The trust hopes that their campaign will lead to both cyclists and pedestrians being more considerate of their canal's wildlife.