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Germany: Xbox unveils potential blockbusters ahead of Gamescom in Cologne

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W/S Moderators on stage at Xbox event, Cologne
M/S Inside Xbox log on screen
W/S Presentation in process
M/S People in audience
W/S Presentation on screen
SOT Josh Har, New Orleans Pelicans basketball player: “Growing up, I was a big fan of Mad and FIFA. Two games that really got me into it but now it is Fortnite. I love playing Fortnite.
- Reporter: Do you play with your teammates?
- A little bit. I used to play a bit like with Larry Nance Jr from the Cavaliers and now I need to put my Pelicans teammates into Fortnite. Lonzo plays and apparently is playing so I’m gonna have to flip him over.”
M/S Destiny 2 presentation
SOT DeeJ, Bungie Community Manager: “You can create a hero for this game that is a reflection of who you are. It fights the way you wanna fight, looks the way you wanna look…We have been taking a look at some different options that you have in the game for selecting the difficulty so you can go a play Destiny exactly the way you wanna play.”
M/S People applauding
W/S Moderators presenting the new Gears 5 trailer
M/S Gears 5 trailer on screen
SOT, Rod Ferguson, Gears 5 and The Coalition Studio Director: “We are very happy to announce that we are really bringing in 2 characters from Halo: Reach coming to Gears of War. Kat and Emile. So they will be coming and they will have their own roles and they will be playable in the Horde and Escape and Versus and they will have their own ultimates.”
W/S People applauding
M/S Xbox logo
Xbox representatives unveiled details of upcoming games at a special Inside Xbox event in Cologne on Monday. It was organised ahead of the annual Gamescom trade fair which kicks off on Tuesday.
The video games producer updated fans on the latest releases which include the much-anticipated Gears 5 and premiered a dozen trailers.
The company is expected to have a heavy presence during the Gamescom event used by many video games developers to showcase their latest achievements.