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Japan: Lexus and Mitsubishi roll out electric concept cars at Tokyo Motor Show

2 23.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Mitsubishi MI-TECH front view, Tokyo Motor Show 2019
M/S Mitsubishi MI-TECH side view
C/U Mitsubishi MI-TECH bumper view
W/S Mitsubishi MI-TECH rear view
C/U Mitsubishi MI-TECH seat view
W/S Mitsubishi MI-TECH Rear view
C/U Mitsubishi MI-TECH wheel
W/S Mitsubishi MI-TECH front view
C/U Mitsubishi MI-TECH rear
C/U Mitsubishi MI-TECH wheel
M/S Mitsubishi MI-TECH side and rear
W/S Advert for new Mitsubishi MI-TECH car
M/S Lexus LF-30 driven in
W/S Media
M/S Lexus LF-30 side view
M/S Lexus LF-30 rear and side view
C/U Lexus LF-30 wheel
M/S Lexus LF-30 side view
W/S Lexus LF-30 officials
W/S Lexus LF-30 side door open front view
M/S Lexus LF-30 side view with door open
W/S Lexus LF-30 advert
W/S Tokyo Motor Show 2019 exterior
Both Lexus and Mitsubishi showed off their new concept cars at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 on Wednesday.
The Lexus LF-30 and the Mitsubishi Mi-Tech feature augmented reality faces that will allow information to be projected onto the dashboard, and in the case of the Lexus, an interactive glass 'SkyGate' roof.
Other similarities between the cars include four in-wheel electric motors.