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Thousands flock to San Diego for 50th anniv. of world’s largest Comic-Con

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W/S Comic con attendees in convention centre, San Diego
M/S Attendees in front of stand
W/S Crowd in Comic-Con
M/S Harry Potter fan 'performing wizardry' with his wand
W/S Attendee on displayed motorbike
M/S Fans in Comic-Con
M/S Fan taking photo with 'Infinity Gauntlet'
M/S Artists working on illustrations as fans look on
M/S Godzilla statue in Comic-Con
M/S Fans inspecting fantasy guns on display
C/U Statue of 'Goku' from 'Dragon Ball Z' series
M/S Cosplay
M/S 'Star Wars' armour on display
W/S Attendees in fair
W/S Fans outside fair grounds
W/S Fans outside fair grounds
W/S Attendees next to comic con sign
W/S Comic con attendees in convention centre
W/S Comic con attendees outside convention centre
W/S Man walking dog past 'Detective Pikachu' poster
W/S Couple waiting at traffic lights outside convention centre
W/S Attendees sitting under tents
OT, Jonathan, Comic-Con Attendee: "I have to guess it would probably be Marvel showing up big in some way shape or form. Disney usually dishes out a decent chunk of change when they show up and since they worked here last year we are kind of looking for something."
W/S Attendees outside entrance
W/S Attendees entering convention centre
W/S Attendees waiting in line
M/S Attendees waiting
W/S Attendees waiting
SOT, Churro, Comic-Con Attendee: "It's like a giant party for four days, it keeps going on. No matter where you look at, where you turn there is always something going on."
W/S Attendees waiting in line
M/S Attendees lying on ground and reading comics
W/S Attendees heading inside
M/S Attendees on escalator
W/S Attendees on escalator
W/S Attendees on escalator
Thousands of fans gathered at the San Diego Convention Centre, Wednesday, to attend a preview night of the world's largest event of comics, pop culture and entertainment, the San Diego Comic-Con.
On the eve of its 50th anniversary, the convention hosted a preview night offering attendees a special introductory look at some of the exclusives and things to see during the main days. The gathering is expected to attract over 130,000 fans from all over the world.
With the focus being on participation of creators and stars of big TV hits like 'Game of Thrones,' 'The Walking Dead' and 'Rick and Morty,' Marvel Studios is expected to steal the show at the convention with a widely expected announcement of its next generation of movies.