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Canada: It's about fighting - Montreal's new manager Thierry Henry

0 19.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Impact de Montreal FC sporting director, Olivier Renard, Montreal manager, Thierry Henry and President and CEO Impact de Montreal FC, Kevin Gilmore, Montreal
SOT, Thierry Henry, Montreal manager: "It's pretty simple. I hope, that's how I put it. So, if you take the best of Europe, the best part of Europe and you take the best part of the continent here, North America, you're really arriving in Montreal. I think it's the perfect bridge. The city's so diverse. People come from everywhere. But first and foremost, they are from Montreal and they are Quebecois."
W/S Renard, Henry and Gilmore *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Thierry Henry, Montreal manager: "It's just amazing, [an] amazing feeling, amazing town. Not enough time to see too much this time around, but I'm looking forward to be in this city."
W/S Renard, Henry and Gilmore *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Thierry Henry, Montreal manager: "Like I said, you have to start somewhere, you can only acquire experience by taking jobs, right? It goes without saying. So, you know, sometimes you start well, sometimes you don't. I had a great experience with Belgium, when I was made a coach. Not so great experience with Monaco, but I learn, very important, that's why I think you learn the most by when you find out a lot about yourself in tough situations should I say. But yeah, I'm not scared of coming in, I'm, I see the positive side of it. I played against this city, and when I was coming here all the time I saw how passionate the fans were, I saw *inaudible* And I felt that. And when we talked about it I know where we are going and what's in place. I'm not scared of that, but like I said to you - it's about fighting all the time. This isn't only my story, but the story of everybody in life. You know, you are going to fall, like I said before, it's about how you get up. And learning from your mistake, learning from what happened, then not coming back from it is the only mistake that you can have."
W/S Renard, Henry and Gilmore
M/S Renard, Henry and Gilmore with team's flag
M/S Renard, Henry and Gilmore
France's former star striker Thierry Henry commented on his new position as the manager of Montreal Impact, speaking in Montreal on Monday.
Henry stressed that "it's about fighting all the time", as he is coming back to head coaching after an unsuccessful experience with AS Monaco of which he was in charge. Henry was sacked from his position earlier this year, after just 20 matches.
Henry signed a reported two-year deal with the Major League Soccer (MLS side), which has an option to be extended.