Safety Reviews Ahead for Ruptured Oil Pipeline in California

Officials said Owners of an oil pipeline that burst in California this week must take corrective measures including a review of what might have caused the failure before they can restart the line.
Word of the action came as Santa Barbara County's district attorney, Joyce Dudley, said she was consulting with federal and state prosecutors on the potential for bringing a criminal or civil case against the pipeline company.
The company declined to comment.
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration official Linda Daugherty said The US Transportation agency generally issues corrective action orders for serious pipeline spills when the cause is unclear, as is the case in California.
According to the agency, about 1,700 to 2,500 barrels of crude petroleum gushed onto San Refugio State Beach and into the Pacific Ocean about 20 miles west of Santa Barbara when the underground pipeline ruptured on Tuesday.