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В Австралия арестуваха вандал, хвърлял камъни по кафене

31 03.06.2015 Инфо

Police in Martin Place, Sydney have arrested a man for allegedly throwing rocks through the windows of the Lindt cafe, where 3 people died in a deadly siege in December 2014. Local media reported that a 34-year-old man was detained after a brief chase through the city, in which he assaulted officers. Up to six windows were smashed during the incident. The vandalism is thought to be unrelated to the siege, in which Man Horon Monis held ten customers and eight staff hostage for 16 hours. Police officers eventually raided the premises. In the ensuing gun-fight, Monis killed hostage Tori Johnson, another hostage, Katrina Dawson was killed by a ricocheting police bullet, before Monis himself was killed.