Атина в пламъци заради протеста срещу строгите икономии

A general strike called in Greece to protest against austerity measures being imposed by the Syriza government turned into clashes between police and protesters on the streets of Athens, Thursday. Protesters threw petrol bombs at anti-riot police deployed at the site with angry protesters hitting police with sticks and stones as the police fired tear gas at the protesters in an attempt to break them up. Official buildings such as the Bank of Greece became targets for protesters, catching fire after being struck with fire bombs. The main unions in Greece (GSEE, ADEDY and PAME) called an general strike to show their strong opposition to the austerity measures approved by the government after plans to cut public spending and raise taxes in exchange for an €80 billion ($85.7 billion) loan was agreed by Alexis Tsipras' government and EU authorities.