Spain: "Europe not able to accept everyone who wants a better life" - Orban

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned EU leaders about the precedents it is setting in addressing the refugee crisis as he spoke to the second Plenary Session of the XXIII Congress of the European People's Party (EPP) in Madrid, Thursday. "We are in a deep trouble," he started his speech, adding that the current refugee and migrant crisis is able to "destabilise" the whole European continent. According to Orban, the current crisis is not a refugee crisis. "This is a migratory movement composed of economic migrants, refugees and also foreign fighters. This is an uncontrolled and unregulated process," he explained. "I would like to remind you that free choice of a host country is not included in the international law," he added. Moreover, the Hungarian PM stressed that Europe must not act "against" its own interests. "Just because we do not consider them enemies, we must not act against ourselves. Our moral responsibility is to give back these people their homes and their countries," Orban said. The EU cannot provide thousands of asylum seekers with "the new European life." Orban said that the social security of EU nations is "only a right of those ones who have contributed to it." Going on to say that "Europe is not able to accept everyone who wants a better life." The two-day EPP Congress kicked off on Wednesday and was hosted by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, EPP President Joseph Daul, who was re-elected to a three-year mandate, and EPP Secretary General Antonio Lopez-Isturiz. At least 750 delegates, among whom are 14 heads of state from EU and non-EU nations as well as high-ranking EU politicians participated in the Congress. The current refugee crisis, situation in Syria and Ukraine as well as economic policies and the subsequent threat of extremism and 'terrorism' were on the agenda.