Solar Impulse Pacific Crossing Will Be 'flight of My Life,' Says Pilot

André Borschberg, two days before embarking on the first-ever flight across the Pacific Ocean in a solar-powered airplane, said, "Over land, you always have alternate airports. The major challenge starts now."
Borschberg will spend five consecutive days inside the tiny cockpit of the Solar Impulse 2 as he flies from Nanjing, China, to Hawaii, the first U.S. stop for the Solar Impulse 2's round-the-world trip. From Hawaii, his co-pilot Bertrand Piccard will take over, piloting the dragonfly-like aircraft from Hawaii to Phoenix, Arizona. Eventually, they plan to return to Abu Dhabi where the journey began in March.
Borschberg says preparation for these long overseas portions of the trip began years ago, with the design of the airplane.
He told Mashable, "The preparation started more or less when we started on the design of the airplane because I knew we had to have long durations over the ocean. We had to have the right airplane, and we also had to have a cockpit environment that would be suitable for a pilot to live for the same duration."