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Egypt: Fans expectant as hosts look to book place in last 16

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W/S Egypt fans walking towards stadium, Cairo
W/S Egypt fans walking towards stadium
M/S DR Congo fan waving
W/S Fans gathering outside stadium and waving flags
W/S Egypt fans walking towards stadium
W/S Fans on truck waving flags
C/U Fan beating drum of Salah's face
SOT, Ahmed Yasser, Fans (Arabic): "The last Match Mohammed Salah did not show his usual performance, because of the defences of the against team, but I think that Mohammed Salah will score today and will appear to perform well".
M/S DR Congo fans waving flags
M/S DR Congo fan having head painted
M/S DR Congo fan having arm painted
SOT, Mohamed Ahmed, Fan (Arabic): "The decision to exclude Amr Warda from the team was not in his time, and should not be the day of the match. No one confirmed the video that spread to him, old or new, and the situation does not need to noise before the day of the match."
W/S Egypt fans taking picture
M/S Fan dressed as pharaoh holding Egyptian flag
SOT, Abdelrahman Gamal, Fan (Arabic): "Sure that will affect the number of players in the team, but if the player is not committed he should have been excluded from the beginning."
W/S Fans walking towards stadium
W/S Fans walking towards stadium
SOT, Ebrahim Elsayed, Fan (Arabic): "Every player in the team has to concentrate well on the training, because the Egyptian team must win the championship, but I see that Amr Warda is a good player and must be in the team."
W/S Fans walking towards stadium
W/S Fans walking towards stadium
Egypt supporters were out in full force in Cairo on Wednesday for their group game against DR Congo in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.
Dressed in the country's emblematic red, fans were seen chanting and waving flags on their way to the stadium.
Some Egypt supporters also commented on the controversy surrounding midfielder Amr Warda after he was expelled from Egypt's squad following allegations that he sexually harassed a number of women online.
Tournament hosts Egypt could qualify for the last 16 if they win. The Pharoahs kicked off their campaign with a 1-0 win over Zimbabwe last Friday.