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The guidance organisations ‘Lesbenberatung’ (Life advice) and 'LesMigras' cancelled their participation at the upcoming Regenbogenfonds LGBT street festival in Berlin this weekend, stating alleged ongoing discrimination against minorities by the organisers as their reason, Friday. The decision was triggered by this year’s promotional poster which shows a female couple kissing - one of the women wearing a hijab and the other not covering her hair – with the slogan "same rights for unequal people” underneath. Lebensberatung und LesMigras decided that they cannot support a motto that represents non-white people or people of a different cultural background as unequal, since they have been fighting these stereotypes for years. Furthermore the slogan was incorrectly translated into Arabic. Jennifer Petzen, CEO of Lesbenberatung, explained that the LGBT community was also just a mirror of the general society where racism, discrimination and physical assaults are just as much a part of daily life. According to Saideh Saadat-Lendle, manager of LesMigras Berlin, gay Muslims in particular experience frequent discrimination within the community, often being accused of being less emancipated and less tolerant than others of the same sexual orientation. The two organisations offer their own events on Friday night and Sunday in Berlin to give people, who don't want to visit the Regenbogenfonds street festival in Berlin, a chance to still celebrate with their community.


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