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Over 100 protesters gathered in Paris on Monday to demonstrate against a proposed law on mass surveillance, a day before French parliament are due to vote on it. The legislation will define which incidents in which the country's security agencies may act, and aims to set up a supervisory commission, the National Commission for Control of Intelligence Techniques (CNCTR). Protesters held signs aloft reading "stop the French big brother" and "Senators please protect our liberty." The law was proposed by Francois Hollande's Socialist administration in response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. The current intelligence and surveillance laws date back to 1991, with supporters of the reforms arguing that given the fact that 1991 was before mobile phones and the internet became accessible to the masses, it is justified. However, critics, including privacy and human rights experts, are said to be worried that if the reforms are approved, it paves the way for the government to spy on people living in France.


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