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Italy: Police seize missile and Nazi symbols from far-right extremist groups

1 275 15.07.2019 Инфо

M/S Police car driving, Turin
M/S Police officers running
M/S Police officers entering premises
M/S Police officer standing by missile
M/S Police officers looking at missile
M/S Officer looking at missile
M/S Police officer opening missile's cover
C/U Missile
M/S Missile with inscription: "Contract dated 16th of October, 80; State of Qatar; Qatar Armed Forces; Doha-Qatar-Arabian Gulf"
M/S Missiles
C/U Missile with inscription (Italian): "Rocket launcher container"
M/S Military equipment
M/S Jet
M/S Guns and ammunition
M/S Guns and ammunition
M/S Nazi memorabilia
M/S Police standing by table with ammunition and Nazi memorabilia
M/S Guns, ammunition and Nazi memorabilia on table
M/S Guns, ammunition and Nazi memorabilia on table
Italian police seized weapons including an air-to-air missile and material featuring Nazi symbols during raids on far-right extremist groups, they announced on Monday. Footage shows weapons and Nazi memorabilia uncovered after a raid in an airport hangar in northern Italy, in Turin.
According to reports, the missile was of a type used by the Qatari military and is in working condition.
The discoveries reportedly took place in the context of an investigation into Italian far-right groups suspected of helping anti-Kiev forces in eastern Ukraine.
An Italian ex-custom officer and far-right party Forza Nuova activist was among the three arrested following the raids, reports say.