France's National Front Seen Leading Local Election Run-up: Poll

France's far-right National Front is set to win more votes than any other party in the first round of local elections next Sunday, a poll showed, with the governing Socialist party coming a very distant third.
The survey by pollster Ifop for Le Figaro daily sees the National Front (FN) scoring 30 percent of the votes. It puts the mainstream conservative UMP - led by ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy - and its center-right UDI ally just behind with 29 percent.
Francois Hollande's Socialists are forecast to win only 19 percent of the vote.
The normally low-key elections in France's departments will this time be scrutinized for signs that Marine Le Pen's FN has gained enough momentum to reach a runoff round in the 2017 presidential election. It came first in French elections to the European Parliament last year.