Majestic - 'Fore I Go [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Dansonn
Lyrics: Majestic
Sound Recording & Mastering: Bate Sasho
Photographer & Photoshop Designer: Boyana Jeleva


[Verse 1]

It’s four a.m., it’s all the same,
For the past year I feel no change!
Feels like I have lost track of things!
What makes it even more so strange is
I can’t pinpoint what the problem is!
How the fuck then can I address it please
Tell me, when every single thing I do compels me,
Every single person that I meet repels me!
Face me and tell me I’m the one who’s going crazy!
Look me in the eyes and tell me if they hazy!
All the work I put out would you ever call me lazy?
‘Course not – you whiny little babies
Sit behind a keyboard so you can write shit about me safely!
I’d be gravely concerned if you ever faced me,
Mainly, ‘cause y’all are fake maybe?
Bravely I feel like the last man standing!


‘Fore I go, wanna know,
Was I worth it, was I no?
Used to live, thought of you,
Now you live, memory of me!
‘Fore I go, I wanna know
If I was worth it or I wasn’t!
Used to live the thought of you,
Now you live with the memory of me!

[Verse 2]

When life gives you lemons I suggest you send them back!
I’ve been through hell and back just a couple fucking times!
Never once complain but it’s one of those times
That I feel lost at sea – oh my God!
Spent all my time abroad, I feel like I am lost!
Met all these people but at what cost,
When everyone is scattered all across the fucking globe,
A phone call away but so what though?
I feel like on giving up on all of my hope,
I feel like on giving up on everything I own!
Do you motherfuckers even know?
My real name stands for a noble wolf so take both
Of these fucks that I never gave along
With the comments that I made and
Shove ‘em up your behinds and pretend like I would even care
Being remembered as the ass I made myself appear!



I never talked much but I always fucking listened!
How many of you fucks got the same condition?
Selfish snakes all I heard was hissing!
Your jealousy and hate kept me from quitting
On my work to improve standards of living!
Now it’s a given I will be remembered!
Bounds of my genius will not be measured,
Or was it the fact I am short fucking tempered?

[Chorus 2X]