Out of the Wild: the Incredible True Story of a Teen Crash Survivor's Journey Home

When 16-year-old Autumn Veatch emerged from a plane crash last weekend – bruised, burned and dehydrated – she awoke deep in the middle of nowhere, on a mountainous route leading to a place called, rather underwhelmingly, Easy Pass Trail.
The obstacles in the Cascade range, known to locals as the Alps of Washington, are as ineffably dense as they are treacherous, a wooded labyrinth where the illumination of a sunny day is quickly dampened by shadowy forestry. By the time she made it past the rustling creek, up over the wooden footbridge and, one freezing night later, to the sound of civilization – cars breezing by on Highway 20 – the teenager was dazed and overwhelmingly confused. Autumn is home now, after a remarkable journey that her father, who encouraged her to watch the reality show Survivorman, called a “miracle."