Hungary: Convoy of buses leaves Budapest filled with Austria-bound refugees

A convoy of buses left Budapest on Saturday morning filled with refugees bound for Austria. The move came after Hungarian authorities agreed to allow the refugees to continue on their journey towards Austria and Germany. Both Austria and Germany have agreed to accept the refugees coming from Hungary. "In light of the emergency situation on the Hungarian border today, and in this case, Austria and Germany have approved the continuation of the refugees' journey into their countries," Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said on Facebook earlier on Saturday morning. On Friday, up to 1,200 refugees marched along the M1 highway towards Vienna after leaving Budapest earlier in the day. Hungarian authorities have said that these refugees will also be picked up by bus and transported across the border into Austria. The move is a major U-turn from the tough approach the Hungarian government had originally taken in dealing with the influx of refugees and migrants into the country. Hungarian authorities took radical measures in early September to deal with the unprecedented numbers of people crossing their borders, many without documentation. Firstly, they closed the main station with trains leading to Austria, Germany and other European destinations. This led to a temporary encampment being set up around Keleti station, housing around 3,000 refugees. When the station re-opened, many boarded trains that were destined for processing and detention camps, not other countries as they thought.