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Italian police forcibly evicted numerous migrants stranded at the Italian-French border in Ventimiglia, Tuesday, after several of them had started sit-ins and hunger strikes in their demand for access to northern Europe via France. The refugees were forced into busses and are due to be transferred to a an as-yet unknown location. Many of the waiting migrants, who had been denied access to France last week after having crossed the Mediterranean into Europe, are from Sudan, Libya and Eritrea and are now staying in make-shift camps along the shoreline, with little more than emergency blankets for cover. They refuse to register with Italian authorities, because many want to travel on to other countries where families or friends live. France refuses to accept the refugees, referring to EU's Dublin Regulation, which states that the country asylum seekers enter first is responsible for examining the asylum request. Due to Italy's geographical location, many undocumented migrants enter Europe through Italy. A record 1,439 migrants were intercepted by French border authorities in the past week, with 1,097 deported to Italy. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi warned other EU countries that if they fail to provide appropriate support then Italy would have a plan B, which "would be a wound inflicted on Europe."


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