150 Years Ago Today: How Lincoln Assassination Was Covered

It was 150 years ago Tuesday that President Abraham Lincoln was shot to death by John Wilkes Booth, and to mark the anniversary, The Associated Press dusted off its original report of the assassination. The first mention of the shooting itself came in the second paragraph — after a description of what a crowd-pleaser the play was at Ford's Theatre. During the third act and while there was a temporary pause for one of the actors to enter, a sharp report of a pistol was heard, which merely attracted attention, but suggested nothing serious until a man rushed to the front of the President's box, waving a long dagger in his right hand, exclaiming, 'Sic semper tyrannis,' and immediately leaped from the box, which was in the second tier, to the stage beneath, and ran across to the opposite side, made his escape amid the bewilderment of the audience from the rear of the theatre, and mounted a horse and fled. The conclusion that "all hope was lost" didn't appear until the ninth paragraph.