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Hours after the attack on Dallas Police Headquarters, officers kept the streets and roads near the building blocked off and drove people away from the scene, Saturday. The streets surrounding the police headquarters building were completely off reach for everybody due to an ongoing investigation. The police chief ordered an evacuation of the scene and the footage shows officers directing people away from the area. Police officers shot a suspect in a standoff after he used an armoured vehicle to ram a police car and opened fire on the street outside the Dallas Police Department headquarters, Saturday. Police and state security were seen directing traffic in the city as the immediate area was put on lockdown. It is believed the suspect was killed in the shooting, but his death has not been confirmed so far. The suspect's van was also detonated in two controlled explosions after it emerged that explosives were stored inside. During the standoff on Interstate 45, near Hutchins Dallas SWAT surrounded the vehicle and attempted to negotiate with the suspect. Detailed information on the shooting of the suspect, who identified himself as James Boulware, has not been released so far. Furthermore it has not been officially confirmed that the suspect, who was reportedly angry over a custody battle, was indeed Boulware.


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