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In the aftermath of yet another shooting by a lone gunman that shocks the American people, there's a deja vu that includes a certain lack of debate nor action regarding guns in the country.
Where less than 48 hours after nine people were shot to death in a South Carolina church, the nation's political leaders, from President Barack Obama to most, if not any, Republicans, did not call for a closer look at gun violence in America.
There was little doubt that the gun lobby's dominance would continue in U.S. politics no matter the calamity. Even the most passionate advocates of stronger gun controls expected no different.
Erich Pratt of the Senate, and a spokesman for Gun Owners of America agreed; saying that President Obama "couldn't get it going after Sandy Hook with Democratic control... He won't get it going with Republican control."
You wonder if our society has simply reached the point where this recurring cycle of anger and sadness dissolving to an overarching passive disposition to these kinds of tragedies have now been set in automatic. Leaving the nation paralyzed from ever ending this kind of violence.


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