Russia: Tiny seal pups rescued in Leningrad region

Elena Andreevskaya, Researcher of the Baltic Seals Friends Fund (Russian): "And they will stop remembering us."
Following their rescue, two small seal pups were shown to the public in the Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Centre of the Leningrad Region on Thursday. The shelter reportedly said that the two animals are the smallest of their kind ever to have come to the centre.
According to the specialists, the animals’ rehabilitation is difficult, because the animals need to gain the required weight before being allowed to join the other seals at the sanctuary.
The first of the two animals was brought to the centre on March 23, after she was discovered in pond. Two days after the female was found, a Ladoga ringed seal cub was discovered. The pup allegedly had frostbite after crawling a long distance on icy terrains, severely damaging the skin on his the front flippers and abdomen.
Since getting to the centre, the male pup has gained half a kilo, now weighing in at 4.5 kg (10lbs), while female cub gained one kilo and weighs 5.5 kg (12lbs).