Протест на "Даунинг стрийт" 10 при стъпването в длъжност на новия премиер

SOT, Brexit Supporter (English): "Absolute rubbish, absolute rubbish ... if you look at countries like Norway and Switzerland, they're the two richest countries in the world"
Pro and Anti-Brexit Demonstrators clashed outside Downing Street in London, Wednesday, as Theresa May, the newly chosen Conservative Prime Minister, arrived for her first day in office.
Scuffles broke out as some called on May to invoke Article 50 with "no delay" whilst others chanted "Tory Scum" and held anti-Brexit signs. The police had to step in at points to separate the two sides and keep order.
Theresa May has the task of leading Britain's exit from the European Union despite campaigning for the Remain side in the referendum lead up.