Human Ken Doll Risking Life for Plastic Perfection

Remember when the Human Ken Doll told Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif that he wanted to get the veins in his forehead stripped and they both warned him it wasn't worth the risks? Apparently he just doesn't care.
Justin Judica has admitted how surreal it felt realizing his highly-awaited procedures were actually about to happen. "
Not only is he getting his veins stripped, but he's also having self-created back implants put in, which is the first time in history they are being used!
Dr. Leif Rogers, who is doing the surgery explained "I think Justin's going to be very happy with his forehead veins, I also think he's going to be very happy with his implants,"
Unlike most doctors, Dr. Rogers was more than happy to do this surgery for Justin. He admits that this surgery was, "In some ways experimental, I mean, it was the first time ever to do this."