Може ли тази жена да прекоси най-дългата река в Европа с каяк и да влезе в историята?

Laura Kennington was hard in training near Chelmsford, Tuesday, as she prepares to kayak solo down the longest river in Europe. If she succeeds in navigating the Russian Volga river, this will make her the first woman in the world to traverse the river from source to sea. The adventurer and personal trainer from Essex will kayak all 2300 miles (3701 km) of the Volga solo, with no support this summer as part of the Caspian Challenge. So far the journey has only been completed by two men, who travelled the river’s full length last year. Laura will be raising money for the 'Hope and Homes for Children' charity and hopes to inspire more women to feel braver in taking on challenges.